Parade Rules
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1)    By entering the Council Bluffs Veterans Day Parade, you are accepting and agree to comply with the parade Rules.

2)    Parade organizers reserve the right to disqualify any non-conforming entry from participating in the parade.  

Disqualification may be done any time prior to the parade, the morning of the parade, or along the parade route.

3)    The tossing or throwing of any items such as candy, coins, or giveaway items from any entry is prohibited. 

Only walking parade participants may hand giveaway items to the parade visitors.

4)    The distribution of flyers, handbills, or other printed information during the parade is prohibited.

5)    The Council Bluffs Veterans Day Parade Foundation follows all copyright laws and regulations regarding trademarks, seals and symbols of the U.S. Federal, State and local Governments, All parade participants are expected to follow the same laws and regulations. Please review Federal, State, and Local laws and DOD regulations regarding Seals, Logos, Insignia and Service Medals to ensure compliance. Any participant who does not follow these laws and regulations and exhibits unauthorized insignia, seals, etc. will be excluded from the parade upon discovery of violations up to and including the day of the parade.

6)    The Council Bluffs Veterans Day Parade is apolitical and will not endorse any candidate for office or take any political stance on any issue. Politicians and political organizations will not be allowed in the parade. The sitting mayor will be allowed as a matter of tradition.